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Cultivating Wisdom, Beauty, and Joy Through Gardening

Container Garden Extraordinaire

Container Gardening at its Finest

This is the most outrageous container garden I have done to date.  This was accomplished in a north-facing environment under shade trees – shade gardens can be a challenge for some but not for me…. As I look upon an environment a question poses itself: What does this make possible?

As you look more closely, at the composition you will notice variegated leaves, the different sizes and shapes of the leaves, some orange or crotons in the mix….

Yes, this is my backyard of former years.  We were renting at the time…

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White Tailed deer fawn stands near flowers in a garden

Oh, Deer!

We love to see them at a distance…. but when the deer are up close in our flower beds, munching away… well that’s just not okay!!

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Bring in Some Yellow

Yellow is often associated with happiness, positivity, and energy. Adding yellow flowers or foliage can instantly brighten up your garden, creating a cheerful atmosphere that uplifts the mood of anyone who

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The Voice of Mother Blossom: Cultivating Wisdom, Beauty, and Joy Through Gardening

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